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L4UHC enables senior decision-makers to develop the leadership skills and collective actions needed to bring universal health coverage (UHC) to life in their countries.

The one-year programme helps multi-disciplinary teams from each country address specific obstacles to progressing their UHC plans more rapidly. It does this through a combination of proven methodologies and first-hand experiences.


L4UHC develops the personal and collective leadership skills needed to broker consensus and gain political commitment for change.

Teams from different countries work together, share experiences, and visit ‘host’ countries that have successfully developed UHC.

We help participants from different fields, such as health and finance, form coalitions for collective action in their home countries.

One of the key features of the programme is that each team develops and implements a practical, UHC initiative in their country.

After the programme ends, our development partners in your country can provide technical and financial support to help you make greater progress. 


12 countries have already taken part in the programme, and reaped the advantages.

Marisol Touraine, former Minister of Social Affairs and Health in France for five years, explains the value of investing in L4UHC.

"I've worked in this sector for more than 20 years and never learned as much as last week."

Participant from Pakistan


Teams formed during the programme are pushing forward a series of L4UHC-inspired initiatives in their countries.


Nepal has reformed how it procures drugs, helping to improve drug availability and distribution.


A payment certification agency was created in Cambodia, and quality assessment rolled out nationally.


A decree for establishing a National Insurance Fund has been agreed by the Council of Ministers in Madagascar.


Benin is piloting a new insurance scheme in its North Zone, and defined a basic health package.


Find out how L4UHC can help you accelerate the roll-out of universal health coverage in your country.

India Prepares to Join L4UHC

India is gearing up to join the L4UHC programme as part of its drive to accelerate UHC across the country’s 1.3 billion-strong population. Due to start the programme in September 2022, the country will be the 15th nation to take part in this initiative, underlining L4UHC’s growing popularity and value.

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Nepal boosts drug availability

Nepal has made significant progress in improving drug availability. In this short video, Pukar Malla explains how L4UHC helped create a safe space to innovate, and the need to start small and think big.

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Yaoundé, Cameroon
The value of communication

Cameroon is politically committed to UHC but the different views of national stakeholders of how to achieve it have hindered progress. Better communication, aided by L4UHC, has made change possible.

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Will COVID-19 accelerate UHC?

The pandemic has highlighted the importance of leadership and a multi-sectoral approach – two of the key strengths L4UHC is fostering. But will governments heed the lessons and accelerate UHC’s roll-out?

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Time to honour commitments

UHC and health crisis management are two sides of the same coin, argues a blog from L4UHC’s partner, the World Bank. Governments need to honour their UHC commitments, it says.

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Pakistan makes headway

Pakistan is making encouraging progress, but it still has a long way to go if UHC is to become truly ‘universal’ across the country, and not just confined to a few provinces.

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