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UHC issues addressed in Burkina Faso

  • Enable vulnerable groups to have access to health services through the Universal Social Health Insurance Scheme (RAMU);
  • Have contracts signed between the National Fund for Universal Health Insurance (CNAMU) and the delegated management bodies;
  • Strengthen resilience to COVID-19.

Collective Action Initiatives

  • Identified and enrolled vulnerable groups;
  • Involved key stakeholders in the development of the country’s UHC network, including NGOs (ASMADE, APIL and RAMS) and mutual health organisations;
  • Secured NGO participation in the transparency and equity mechanism for access to free healthcare;
  • Consulted with actors coordinating and implementing UHC interventions;
  • Mobilised national support to combat COVID-19, including public and private companies, legal firms and others;


  • Created a national guidance council for AMU, including an AMU deployment strategy;
  • Implemented a One Health platform;
  • Harmonised funding to avoid gaps;

Video update

In our Africa Regional Exchange webinar in July 2020, Peggy Ouedraogo provided a video update on Burkina Faso’s latest advances in rolling out UHC.
Take a look.