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UHC issues addressed in Cambodia

  • Establishment of a Payment Certification Agency (PCA).
  • National Quality Enhancement Initiative (QEI).
  • Establishment of social health insurance for public sector (SHI-PS).

Collective Action Initiatives at end of L4UHC programme (mid-2017)

  • Transition manual approved and operational manual drafted.
  • Training of Master Trainers for QAO Assessor training conducted and start of cascade training; QEI started in May 2017.
  • Sub-Decree setting the contribution rates drafted to be submitted in June 2017. Commenced design of SHI for informal sector.

Progress made since the programme finished

  • Payment certification agency started operating HEF monitoring and invoice certification on 01 July 2018, as scheduled. PCA director and board of director were appointed (approximately 20 staff and 52 consultants work for PCA). PCA operational manual has been approved by the minister of health.
  • Quality assessment rolled out nationwide for phase one and is now done routinely on a quarterly basis. Independent verification of quality assessment is done by a third party.
  • Health insurance for civil servants started as of 01 January 2018 (aided by purposively selected / already planned CAI such as the decree for fees for civil servants.