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UHC issues addressed in Chad

  • Implementation of National UHC strategy, focusing on the reduction of financial risks for the poor.
  • Official adoption of the document specifying the terms of the health insurance scheme (“Document d’orientation du Dispositif d’Assurance Santé au Tchad”) by the High inter-ministerial Committee.

Collective Action Initiatives at end of L4UHC programme (mid-2017)

  • Relevant orientation document was officially adopted (start of a process necessary for implementing UHC): The National UHC strategy action plan for the implementation of the UHC strategy.

Progress made since the programme finished

  • Implementation of the orientation document (“Dispositif”) was a wish of the team for follow-up (not yet realized).
  • Work and action plans elaborated but not yet implemented.
  • Some activities realized despite lack of funds:
  • Further elaboration of the “Dispositif” and validation by the technical follow-up committee.
  • Communication with Parliament, Prime Minister’s Office and Finance Ministry.
  • Information and sensitization of different ministries involved in the implementation of UHC.
  • Elaboration of project on the Law for Health Insurance.
  • Elaboration of the basket benefit of the NHIS