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UHC issues addressed in Pakistan

  • How can enrolment in UHC be increased, using civil society organisations, NGOs and local government structures?
  • What is preventing private and philanthropic hospitals from joining the national insurance scheme? And how can these hurdles be overcome?

Collective Action Initiatives currently underway

  • A strategy and action plan are being developed in a district of Khyper Pakhtunkhwa to enable CSOs to increase enrolment by 10% by April 2020, including training for the CSOs.
  • Local government actors and NGOs in Rawalpindi District are working together to create reporting and coordinating structures that will help them enrol poor families and other targeted groups in the national health insurance program, more efficiently and effectively. The goal is to increase enrolment from 40% to 60% across the district.
  • Barriers to private hospitals participating in the national insurance scheme are being evaluated, and solutions identified. The aim is to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with at least one hospital network, including a roadmap for its participation in the national insurance scheme. This roadmap could provide a template for other private hospitals and networks.