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Burkina Faso has made notable advances in UHC in recent years, especially in financial risk coverage. Yet security difficulties and budgetary constraints stand in the way of further progress.

UHC Indicators

UHC service coverage index: 39.7%

Physicians per 1,000 population: 0.1

Catastrophic expenditure: 3.1%

L4UHC Support


2019 – 2023

Type of Support

  • L4UHC Modules
  • Collective Action Initiatives
  • National coach


  • Ministère de la Justice
  • Caisse Nationale d’assurance Maladie Universelle
  • Ministère de la Santé
  • Ministère des Finances
  • Centre des Opérations de Réponses aux Urgences Sanitaires
  • Comission Electorale Nationale Indépendante
  • Ministère de l’Economie et des Finances

Currently none

Currently none

Completed Collective Action Initiatives


Enable vulnerable groups to have access to health services through the Universal Social Health Insurance Scheme (RAMU)


  • Identified and enrolled vulnerable groups;
  • Involved key stakeholders in the development of the country’s UHC network, including NGOs (ASMADE, APIL and RAMS) and mutual health organisations;
  • Secured NGO participation in the transparency and equity mechanism for access to free healthcare;
  • Consulted with actors coordinating and implementing UHC interventions

Prepare contractual frameworks for the implementation of UHC

  • Created a special commission for UHC partnership contracts, with the decree for this signed by the Prime Minister;
  • Established a multi-sectoral contract analysis commission.
  • Signed a public-private partnership (PPP) contract for the implementation of UHC in Cameroon


December 2022
Regional module in Tunisia with Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Chad and Niger
December 2022
Fall 2020
Virtual regional module with Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Niger and Senegal
Virtual Module
Fall 2020
November 2019
Regional module in Tunis, Tunisia, with Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Niger and Senegal
November 2019
July 2019
Regional module in Rabat, Morocco, with Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Niger and Senegal
July 2019