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Many of Niger’s social indicators have improved in recent years yet its health system remains under severe strain due to a high fertility rate, lack of funding, and management issues.

Nevertheless, there are grounds for optimism. For example, more than half of the population have access to health facilities within a 5-kilometre radius, and the economy is growing at around 5%, albeit from a low base.

However, around 46% of health expenditure in the country is ‘out of pocket’. More critically, Niger’s 2006 National Strategy to progress UHC, which focused on revamping free healthcare for pregnant women and children under 5 years, has failed to be properly implemented due lack of funding and weak management, despite having high-level support. To overcome these challenges, a high-level, multi-stakeholder approach is required – a solution the country hopes to facilitate with the support of L4UHC.



UHC Indicators

UHC service coverage index: 36.6%

Physicians per 1,000 population: 0.05

Catastrophic expenditure: 6.6%

L4UHC Support


2019 – 2023

Type of Support *NO INFO

  • L4UHC Modules
  • Collective Action Initiatives
  • National coach

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

  • Jean-Francois Caremel (Expertise France)

Ongoing Collective Action Initiatives


Completed Collective Action Initiatives


Create a national structure for managing free healthcare in Niger, specifically a National Institute of Medical Assistance (INAM).


  • Advocated for and raised awareness of the need for INAM;
  • Prepared a draft decree for INAM and promoted it;
  • Appointed the Director General of INAM;
  • Produced a draft UHC Development Strategy.


December 2022
Regional module in Tunis, Tunisia with Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Chad and Niger
December 2022
Fall 2020
Virtual regional module with Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Niger and Senegal
Virtual Module
Fall 2020
November 2019
Regional module in Tunis, Tunisia, with Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Niger and Senegal
November 2019
July 2019
Regional module in Rabat, Morocco, with Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Niger and Senegal
July 2019