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As the homeland of the crucial 1978 Alma-Ata Declaration and its successor, the 2018 Declaration of Astana on the Primary Healthcare, Kazakhstan believes that the best way of achieving UHC involves improving primary healthcare. The country has become a Central Asian regional driving force for healthcare development and a leader in UHC.


Kazakhstan has been rapidly modernizing its healthcare system, in terms of reform of both supply and demand. Lessons that have emerged from that process include:

  • Digitalization of the healthcare in low- and middle-income countries can improve service delivery. Kazakhstan has made significant efforts in digitizing its healthcare. However, sensitive issues such as patient data protection should have more focus.
  • UHC needs to be made a national priority. Last year, Kazakhstan’s head of the state announced the gradual increase of its GDP share for healthcare financing, with 60% dedicated to primary healthcare and preventive medicine services.


If you’d like to find out more about Kazakhstan’s UHC initiatives, check out the links below.

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