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The Tunisian health system has gradually developed and the country has made considerable progress towards universal health coverage. Indicators such as life expectancy and immunization coverage have steadily increased.


The Tunisian health system has been built on a strong foundation. Nonetheless, its ability to deliver good performance is currently being threatened by various factors and the system's adaptability and resilience of system is being tested.

Two broad lessons have emerged from Tunisia’s experience:

  • The Tunisian government has played a strong role in shaping the health system, including in service delivery and financing, and has built a strong base. Indeed, government’s leadership in health is key for UHC. Nonetheless the health system is currently facing significant demographic, epidemiological, economic and technological changes which have undermined its performance.
  • The Tunisian government and society has acknowledged the challenges facing the health system and has proposed a new policy to carry out the necessary reforms, highlighting the country’s commitment to maintaining a good health system. This introspection and openness is critical to ensuring progress towards UHC.