Initiatives will soon be underway to reduce waiting times for kidney dialysis in Kerala and increase the distribution of an e-card for health insurance in Punjab to cover 80% of the total eligible population in the state.

Those are just two of the commitments that participants in India’s L4UHC programme made during the second module in Goa in November 2023.

Launched in the country in March 2023, the programme has brought together a variety of key stakeholders for advancing UHC from three states (Himachal Pradesh, Kerala and Punjab), and the union territory of Jammu & Kashmir. Representatives from the Employees’ State Insurance Corporatation (ESIC) also attended for the first time, providing valuable inputs.

The participants’ commitments – known as ‘Collective Action Initiatives’ (CAIs) – are designed to be completed by multi-stakeholder teams in a short period of time, typically around 100 days. L4UHC’s national coaches will provide on-the-ground support.

Details of the CAIs, due to be launched in December, can be found in the links below:

Check out one of the participant’s perspectives of the Goa module, and the value of L4UHC’s approach, in the short 2- minute video below.

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