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UHC issues addressed in Lao PDR

  • Alignment and harmonization of different health protection pools, schemes, systems and projects.
  • Implementation of current health sector reform strategies.

Collective Action Initiatives at end of L4UHC programme (mid-2017)

  • Integration of all schemes of MOH under national health insurance system (only partly through the collective action initiative).
  • Expansion of insurance scheme to all provinces (supported by the collective action initiative).
  • Clarifications regarding service delivery, and service package (defining of essential service package for UHC).
  • UHC stakeholders sensitized, relevant institutions work more effectively

Progress made since the programme finished

  • All schemes of MOH including Health Equity Funds (HEF), Community-based Insurance scheme (CHBI), a a free MCH program have been merged under the National Health Insurance (NHI), and have been implemented nationwide except Vientiane province.
  • The World Bank ,along with other partners, continues to support the implementation of HSR and align and harmonize support to the MOH so that it can work more effectively towards achieving its national goal of UHC by 2025.