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UHC issues addressed in Madagacar

  • Operationalize a National Insurance fund.
  • Mobilize resources

Collective Action Initiatives at end of L4UHC programme (mid-2017)

  • Decree establishing, organizing and operationalizing the National Insurance Fund adopted by the Council of Ministers after concerted lobbying effort around the Head of State by team members.
  • A legal framework to operationalize UHC in Madagascar was established.

Progress made since the programme finished

  • The national Health Insurance (la Caisse Nationale d’assurance santé) was established and its’ Director General was appointed (a former member of the local P4H group from regional WHO in Madagascar).
  • The different national directorates have been set up.
  • A meeting with local operators for a research on innovative financing to manage UHC in Madagascar has been finalized.
  • A meeting between the local leadership team and the UHC Head Office has taken place to exchange information.