Nepal is taking several important steps to implement its first National Health Financing Strategy, with the support of L4UHC and its partners in the P4H Network.

Getting all the key stakeholders in the country to co-develop and agree the strategy was an achievement in its own right. For nearly a decade, they had struggled to agree on an approach, but L4UHC was able to facilitate the necessary alignment and collective leadership  amongst the stakeholders to arrive at a consensus. Collective Action Initiatives, which are designed to deliver concrete results within 100 days, played a key role in this achievement, together with the involvement of a broad range of stakeholders from different government organizations, as well as development partners.  

Approved by the Council of Ministers in June 2023, the strategy will not only enable the country to allocate resources for health more effectively at a federal, provincial and local level, but also provide a systematic framework for holding the different levels of government accountable for implementing the strategy.

The next step is to turn the strategy into a practical reality. To bring it to life,  a P4H mission, involving high-level members from the network’s partner orgnanizations, will work with the Government and its key health sector development partners to develop a roadmap for implementing the strategy in the second quarter of 2024. Later in the year, L4UHC will support the provincial governments in implementing the National Health Financing Strategy through Collective Action Initiatives.

In both cases, L4UHC and P4H will draw on seven years’ experience of supporting the Government, especially the Ministry of Health and Population, in developing the country’s capabilities to advance UHC. A rigorous monitoring and evaluation study, conducted by L4UHC’s partner Hera, will assess progress and provide insights into how to support similar initiatives in other countries.

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