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Global Competency Framework launched

WHO has published a Global Competency Framework for Universal Health Coverage, identifying the skills that health workers need in six key areas: people-centredness, decision-making, communication, collaboration, evidence-informed practice and personal conduct.

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Climate change threatens UHC coverage

Climate change is major barrier to achieving UHC, according to a podcast jointly produced by the BMJ and The Harvard Global Health Institute. More intense heat, floods and other weather changes will not only alter the patterns of communicable and non-communicable diseases, but also disrupt systems and have significant economic impacts, challenging our ability to pay for healthcare.

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The importance of nutrition financing

Scaling up nutrition interventions with appropriate financing is essential for achieving UHC, say nutrition experts. But too often these ingredients for success are missing from basic health packages or the priority health services that a population receives.

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Making fair choices with limited resources

Which principles should governments apply to allocate scarce resources fairly for healthcare? A group of 18 philosophers, economists, health policy experts and clinical doctors considered this question, amongst other ethical issues, and brought different perspectives to the table.

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UHC coverage rates below pre-pandemic levels

According to the WHO’s latest Global Monitoring Report for UHC, service coverage rates at the end of 2021 were well below their pre-pandemic levels and financial protection had also worsened significantly.

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Enhanced L4UHC Programme Goes Live

Representatives from three countries – Cambodia, Nepal and Pakistan – will be the first to participate in an enhanced version of the Leadership for UHC (L4UHC) programme, updated to address the challenges of the pandemic and to provide more intense country-level support.

 L4UHC prepares to evolve

After successfully completing its last two cycles in Africa and Asia, the L4UHC programme is preparing to evolve to take into account growing demand and the challenges highlighted by COVID, as well as lessons learned over the programme’s last two years. 

Adapting L4UHC to a COVID world

We’re looking at new ways to deliver our programme in the context of travel bans and social distancing, and how we can adapt the programme’s content and methodology to support the country teams in responding to the crisis.

Integrating gender into country actions

How can you ensure that your country initiatives are gender equitable and inclusive? Our new paper on this issue highlights some of the key questions you need to ask.


Annual Health Financing Forum

 The Fifth Annual Health Financing Forum (AHFF) will take place virtually for the first time since the series began in 2016. This year, the AHFF is part of the COVID-19 Health Financing Resilience Program (COVID-19 HFRP).

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All in-person L4UHC events on hold

We’ve inevitably had to postpone all in-person L4UHC events due to the virus. We’ll keep you posted of our plans to continue to support you, either virtually or by rescheduling meetings, once the situation becomes clearer.